COTS and custom designed cavity-backed spiral antennas cover the frequency range from 0.5 to 42 GHz and provide wideband performance with left or right-hand circular polarisation.

Steatite spiral antennas provide broad beamwidth with a low squint, smooth radiation patterns and purity of circular polarisation.

Typical airborne and ground-based applications include 360° direction finding, spectrum management, RWR, and ESM.

Steatite provides custom designed spiral antennas and if required, integrate lensed radomes to improve performance.

Frequency (GHz)Catalogue NumberGain (dBiC)Beamwidth (3dB)VSWR (Typical)Power c.w (W)Connector
0.5 to 8QSP-RC-0.5-8-S-SG

-6.5 to 1.4 dBiL48 to 139< 1.4 :12SMA
0.5 to 22QSP-RC-0.5-22-S-SG

0 to 560 to 115<1.5:12SMA
1 to 18QSP-RC-1-18-S-SG-R

0 to 720 to 112<2.5:12SMA
2 to 18QSP-RC-2-18-S-SG-R

1.3 to 5.353 to 142<2.5:11SMA
18 to 42QSP-RC-18-42-K-SG

1 to 4.247 to 94<2.5:12K
18 to 42QSP-RC-18-42-K-SG-L

2.2 to 6.230 to 80<2.5:12K