Wideband waveguide COTS antennas 400 MHz to 40 GHz and bespoke antenna solutions for precision EMC radiated immunity and emissions testing. The Company’s antennas allow multi-octave frequency sweeps with a single unit, whilst high gain antennas offer low side lobes and consistent performance. The demand for high field strengths is catered for by a suite of HiRF antennas that produce field strengths of 3000 V/m with near-field gains of >20dBi.

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Two of Steatite’s horn antennas are approved for EMC testing to standard EMC-CS-2009. They facilitate the generation of 600 V/m with <500 watts forward power

Ultra wideband Double-Ridged Horn Antennas
Double ridged horn antennas are the standard choice for ultra-wideband performance over many octaves. Steatite provides a range of these for high and medium power applications.

Wideband High Gain Horn Antennas
A range of high gain, larger aperture horn antennas for high and medium power applications with bandwidths less than an octave.

Pyramidal Standard Gain Horn Antennas
Designed for applications where there are precise gain requirements.

HiRF Antennas
Horn antennas may be carefully configured in small arrays to focus energy in the near field without exceeding the power ratings of the individual antennas comprising the array. This configuration also provides a controlled energy distribution in the region of focus that is difficult to achieve with a single horn. Steatite provides such systems together with associated mechanical supports and controls