Sinuous Antennas

COTS. Dual Linear. Dual Circular. Polarised.

COTS and custom designed Dual Linear and Dual Circular Polarised, sinuous antennas for direction finding, ELINT, RWR and ESM airborne, sea and ground-based applications.

The Steatite family of sinuous antennas simultaneously handle signals of any two orthogonal linear polarisations and simultaneous left and right-handed circular polarisations dependent on antenna design.

This provides intercept opportunities for a wide range of arbitrarily polarised signals, from devices also giving a wide bandwidth and broad beamwidth.

The sinuous antennas can also be used as feeds for reflector antennas where they give the advantage of a stable phase center across the frequency band.

As with other Steatite products, bespoke designs or modifications may be accommodated.

QMS No.Frequency (GHz)     Catalogue Number PolarisationPower c.w. (W)VSWR (Typical)Gain (dBi)Beamwidth (3dB)Isolation (dB)
QMS-000350.2 to 2QSI-DL-0.2-2-S-SGDual Linear

10<3.0:1-4.2 to 3.691.6 to 69°>35
QMS-000370.4 to 2QSI-DL-0.4-2-N-SG-RDual Linear

 2<3.6:11.3 to 6.462 to 48°>34
QMS-003600.5 to 3QSI-DL-0.5-3-S-SG-RDual Linear

 2<3.0:1-0.2 to 5.856 to 96°>30
QMS-000400.7 to 4QSI-DL-0.7-4-S-SGDual Linear

10<2.6:10 to 4.155 to 94°>34
QMS-000152 to 18QSI-DL-2-18-S-SGDual Linear

1<3.2:1-3.8 to 4.464 to 109°>32
QMS-004882 to 24QSI-DL-2-24-S-SGDual Linear

2<3:1-8 to 3145 to 60°>30
QMS-000460.5 to 4QSI-DC-0.5-4-S-SG-RDual Circular2<1.5:1-6 to 6 dBiC62 to 102°
QMS-000430.7 to 4QSI-DC-0.7-4-S-SGDual Circular

2<1.4:1-1 to 2.2dBiC102 to 56° –
QMS-000442 to 18QSI-DC-2-18-S-SG-LDual Circular

2<2:1– 5.2 to 2.6dBiC42.6 to 95°

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