Omnidirectional Antennas

COTS. Custom. Vertical. Slant.

Steatite manufactures COTS and custom designed vertical and slant polarised omnidirectional antennas suitable for EW, SIGINT, direction finding and spectrum management applications up to 40 GHz.

Steatite can also provide omnidirectional antennas up to 110 GHz from Sage Millimeter.

· Frequency range 0.01 to 110 GHz

· Coaxial and rectangular waveguide interfaces

· 360° azimuth coverage

· Vertical and slant polarized

QMS No.Frequency (GHz)Catalogue Number Gain (dBi)Power c.w (W)VSWR (Typical)PolarisationConnector
QMS-004270.01 to 1QOM-SL-0.01-1-N-SG-R

0 to -14Rx Only<3.0:1VerticalN
QMS-000170.8 to 40QOM-SL-0.8-40-K-SG-L

-2.2 to 6.940<3.2:1VerticalK
QMS-000210.9 to 20QOM-SL-0.9-20-S-SG-R

0 to 6.340<3.2:1VerticalSMA
QMS-000192 to 18QOM-SL-2-18-S-SG-R

0.2 to 7.840<2.5:1VerticalSMA
QMS-000202 to 18QOM-ST-2-18-S-SG-R

-4.3 to 8.450<2.5:1SlantSMA
QMS-0002926 to 40QOM-SL-26-40-K-SG-R

2 to 410<2.0:1VerticalK

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