Steatite provides microwave antenna consultancy in fields ranging from analysis of complex antenna subsystems to detailed studies of industrial processes.

A team of highly qualified microwave, electronic and mechanical engineers are capable of solving a wide range of antenna related technical challenges:

Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS)
Steatite has in-house software tools for the design of FSS and experience in the manufacture of FSS radomes and sub-reflectors (singly and doubly curved). This experience also extends to the design of circuit analogue materials and frequency selective radar absorbers and Salisbury screens.

Radar absorbent materials
The Company has in-house expertise and applies state-of-the-art theory to the design of “optimal” (minimum thickness for a given level of performance) RAM. This includes the use of both electric and magnetic materials.

Stealth technology
Steatite has in-house expertise in the design of low radar cross section antennas and in methods to reduce the radar cross-section of vehicle sub-structures. This includes shaping radar absorbent materials, rough surface and inhomogeneous scattering.

New innovations in electromagnetic theory
The Company is frequently asked to provide advice on the practical uses of new research work. In the past this has ranged from the application of chaos theory and the statistical properties of electromagnetic fields to the use of metamaterials.

Surveillance and radar
Steatite has experience in the provision of narrow-band and ultra-wideband microwave antennas, both static and spinning. The Company advises on the optimum combination of antennas to meet customer gain and coverage requirements.

Materials analysis and measurement
Theoretical studies are carried out into the microwave properties of single and multi-layer dielectric structures for such purposes as microwave windows, radomes and structural components. The dielectric properties of materials can also be measured.

Depth Measurement
The Company has applied radar technology to the problem of measuring the depth within containers of corrosive liquids, grain and sewage.

Steatite can analyse communications requirements and provide advice on the most cost-effective solutions, whether it be low-power radio or millimetric technology.